Quinnehtukqut McLamore

PhD Student - social Psychology

(peace & violence Concentration)

Bisexual/Queer, Agender/Transgender, Mental Illness

Research interests

My research primarily focuses on psychological factors underlying intergroup violence, dehumanization, and support for continuing violent conflict. In one vein, I focus on conflict narratives, social identity, and group dynamics. On the other, I take a psychophysiological approach and investigate how the stress response relates to intergroup interactions and collective trauma.


B.A. Psychology and Biology 
M.S. Psychology


Politics, Bad Movie Nights, Tabletop roleplaying, All manner of cooking, and Dogs

areas of mentorship for students

Applying to higher education programs (Undergrad & Graduate programs)

 Searching for mentors to work with in graduate programs (how to gauge whether you’ll match well with your advisor; how to assess red flags)
Advice on how to advocate for yourself with advisors
GRE Tips and Tricks
Searching for and applying to academic conferences (including how to get travel funding for said conferences)

Searching for and applying to funded internships (i.e, undergrad research experience, internships for paid summer work, etc)

Reading over your personal statements and CVs

Navigating research-focused academia and S.T.E.M. in particular as a trans/nonbinary person and a queer person

Navigating STEM fields as someone with invisible stigmas

 Finances and Grad School (how to get money for conference travel, how to avoid predatory landlords, ways to get fee waivers for GRE exams, how to get free GRE materials, how to avoid/repay student loans strategically, etc)
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