Miguel Casar

PhD Student - Urban Schooling

Mexican, immigrant

Research interests

I study and examine the role of schools in reproducing and legitimizing injustice and social stratification. My work explores how the voices and imaginaries of marginalized youth can inform more radical and emancipatory visions for education. I am also a doctoral researcher at the Center for the Transformation of Schools at UCLA. Methodologically, my work is mostly Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), which means I get the honor of working alongside youth throughout the research process.


BS, Biomedical Engineering
Concentration in Clinical Psychology


I love philosophy, a good conversation, and am passionate about education, especially as a potential platform to bring about justice and social change. I love to be in the mountains, climbing, skateboarding, being in the company of beings I love, including my dog, putting legos together, teaching, reading, and asking difficult questions.

areas of mentorship for students

Transitioning to life in the university.
Has a weekly meeting with students of color that would be happy to share their experiences as underrepresented students in academia. 
 Applying to graduate school and college. 
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