Mélise Edwards

PhD Student - Neuroscience & Behavior

Black, biracial woman, bi, first generation graduate student, mental health (PTSD, GAD, MDD) 

Research interests

Neuroscience, particularly sex hormones, sex differences in aging with a focus on Alzheimer's Disease, neuropathology, neuroimaging (PET, fMRI), neuroendocrinology, transgenic models, cognition and behavior, primatology 


Bachelor's in Science, 
Biology [Behavioral Ecology & evolution concentration]
French minor


Social justice, politics, science policy. Also love rock-climbing, soccer, writing songs & raps, dancing, hiking and my puppy Rupi!

areas of mentorship for students

Applying to college and graduate school
Help with writing personal statements and reviewing/editing
Navigating Imposter syndrome, Financial independence, Searching for housing
Existing as a biPOC in STEM
Navigating white fragility and white/white passing microaggressions
Finding community
Mental health 
Applying for FAFSA, fellowships, grants and scholarships
Crafting a research statement for fellowships
Research experience for graduate school
Gap years after undergrad
Funding for Outreach initiatives
Applying/interviewing for research assistant/technician positions
Communication within advisor/PI
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