jenny He

Phd student, biology

university of california san diego



Chinese American Woman

Research interests

I study the brain's natural opioid system and how it gives rise to feelings of pleasure or pain relief (think runner’s high!) Understanding the natural functions of opioids will lead to insights for when the system goes wrong, such as in addiction and chronic pain. To study this, I use brain slice electrophysiology & imaging techniques from genetically modified mice. In the future, I hope to continue with research but also teach undergrads and spread my passion for science!


BA in Neuroscience and Studio Art


I love the outdoors - camping and hiking, but particularly [rock] climbing. I’ve found that climbing has given me confidence in myself that extends to other white, male dominated areas - such as academia. It also balances out the struggles and failures that are inevitable in science and grad school.

Areas of mentorship for Students

Finding research opportunities in undergrad and after undergrad
Applying to grad school (including personal statements and interviews)
Choosing a program
Managing work-life balance in grad school
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