Fred Campbell

Data Scientist at microsoft



Black, Alaska Native

Research interests

I work on applying existing machine learning methods to various problems at Microsoft. I also work to ensure that they are ethical. In this setting, it is not enough to produce accurate models, they must also be private, fair, reproducible and transparent so that they do not inadvertently harm people & everyone enjoys the benefits of these models. Previously, I developed new structured variable selection methods and applied them to problems in genomics, proteomics and neuroimaging.


BS, Mathematics & Computational Science from Stanford University
MS, Statistics from Stanford University 
MS, Statistics from Rice University
PhD, Statistics from Rice University


Outside of STEM I am passionate about climbing and the mountains. I am excited to be in Seattle where there are quite a few more mountains than there were in Houston!

Areas of mentorship for Students

Navigating academia as a POC
Reviewing personal statements
Applying for fellowships (I was supported by the NSF-GRFP
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