Dustin Glasner

Postdoctoral Scholar



Transracial adoptee, first-generation graduate student and first-generation scientist

Research interests

Pathogenesis of viral diseases, specifically those that affect the vascular endothelium; vector-borne diseases; hemorrhagic fever viruses; ecology, evolution, and emergence of infectious diseases and One Health approaches to infectious disease science; public health preparedness & response, bioterrorism, biodefense, and CBRNe policy


BS, Biology
MS, Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases
PhD, Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Areas of mentorship for Students

Navigating academic and research interests in undergrad, grad school & beyond
Reading personal statements
Being a first gen scientist/grad student
Transition from undergrad to gap years and grad school
Transitioning from grad school to postdoc
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